Questions on notice are written requests for information, often requiring detailed responses concerning government administration, and are made by members to other members (in effect, usually non-government members to Ministers). Questions on notice in the Legislative Council are published at the back of the Notice Paper each sitting day. An unanswered questions on notice booklet is also published after each sitting week listing all unanswered questions. A spreadsheet tracking questions on notice is also published after each sitting day.


The Council is currently trialling the use of the Questions and Responses Database for Questions on Notice in the 59th Parliament. We will continue to update the spreadsheet for tracking questions and the Unanswered Questions booklet. 

Search the database of questions and answers


Answers to questions on notice are tabled in the Council and are published in Hansard.


Further information about questions on notice can be found in Information Sheet No. 3 - Questions.


To see the unanswered questions on notice booklets from previous parliaments use the 'previous sessions' option in search all House documents.

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